Basement Studio Wimborne
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At Basement studio we work with you to achieve exactly the sound you're looking for.

As experienced musicians, our sound engineers understand what is required to bring your vision to life. At Basement studio we work with you to achieve exactly the sound you're looking for at an affordable price. Our aim is not only to provide a facility that is technically and acoustically competitive, but also provide opportunities for people who wouldn't normally have the chance to use such a resource. Through this we aim to build a community of artists & musicians, to create opportunities, to network and encourage each other.

TV & Voiceover

Basement Studio has considerable experience in TV and Voiceover work. We are very privileged to have worked on ITV's 'Broadchurch' and Channel 4's 'Food Unwrapped' series'. Contact us if you have any TV/Film work that requires our services.

Location Recording

We're not just restricted to the studio environment. If you have a project that requires us to come to you, we're geared up to bring the quality that you'd expect from Basement Studio, to your location. Let us know more about your project and we can give you a quote.

Big Room Recording

We have several different sounding rooms available for recording, from a large warehouse to a smaller, completely dry, acoustically treated room and everything in between. We have an environment to suit any acoustic requirement.

Online Recording

We are very excited to now offer online recording and production. We can offer as little as single instrument stems to fully arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered tracks, all delivered online. We have a wide selection of professional session musicians, both in-house and in a wider network, offering Drums, Keys/Organs, Bass, Guitar (electric and acoustic) Strings, Cello, Mandolin, Saxophone and Flute. We also offer arrangements of string/orchestral parts. Get in touch to talk about your specific project and to receive a custom quote.

Dry Hire

Basement Studio's excellent facilities are also available for dry hire. Please contact us for a quote.

Production and Recording Tuition

We also offer recording, production and mixing tuition, either in house or at your home studio. Contact us for more information.


Will McNicol

Pascal Consoli

Thames Television/
Syco Entertainment

Channel 4 Television

Luke Selby

DD Allen

Charli Brix

Tweed Jacket Music

Ricochet Productions

Roo Panes

Ryan Butterworth

Kudos (Broadchurch) Productions

Bram Stoker

Basement Studio - Control Room

As well as our original live room, Basement Studio also features a custom-built Drum Room/Vocal Room, and a large Lounge area.

Basement Studio - Drum Room

In addition to recording, we also offer rehearsal space and instrument tuition. Click here for more details.