Recording at Basement

Basement Studio is an extremely well equipped recording studio based in beautiful Wimborne Dorset.

Basement Studio is an extremely well equipped recording studio based in beautiful Wimborne Dorset. We are perfectly set up for music production, band tracking and mixing/mastering. We have a cosy, multi-room layout with line of sight throughout, a lovely array of both modern and vintage mics, preamps, outboard and instruments, providing a “best of both worlds” recording environment, a “no compromise” signal chain ensuring the best possible quality from start to finish. We’ve got what you need.

We can provide producers, engineers and musicians to help with your project. We also provide dry hire to competent producers/engineers. Get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your project.

Songs we've worked on


1 x Flea Vintage U48

1 x Flea Vintage C12

1 x Neumann U47 FET

2 x Coles 4038

2 x Neumann KM85

2 x Neumann KM184

1 x Beyerdynamic M160N (Vintage circa late 50’s)

1 x AKG Blueline CK91

1 x Advanced Audio CM47

4 x GA R1 Ribbon

2 x Rode NT2A

4 x Rode NT5

Mics are subject to availability. Contact us if you want to use something specific to check that it is available for your session.

2 x GA FC3

1 x GA FC1

2 x GA FC4

1 x AKG D12

5 x Vintage Unidyne 57

1 x ElectroVoice RE20

4 x Shure SM57

4 x Sennheiser MD421

1 x SM7B

2 x Audix D6

1 x Audix D4

2 x Audix D2

2 x Sennheiser e606

1 x Focusrite ISA 215 (Rupert Neve Stereo Preamp)

2 x Focusrite ISA 110 (Rupert Neve Preamp)

4 x Basement Studio Custom Build Black Series Preamp (Based on the Neve 1073)

8 x Basement Studio Custom Build Silver Series Preamp (Based on the API 312)

32 x Soundcraft Ghost Preamps

2 x Neve 33609 (Metal Knob Version)

1 x AMS Neve 33609/C

2 x DBX 160 VU Version

2 x Stam Audio 1176 (Rev A, D, E and F incl 2:1 Ratio and Super Slow Attack)

1 x Stam Audio SA609 (Very good clone of the 33609/C Compressor)

1 x Audioscape Audio Bus Compressor (Accurate copy of the SSL Bus with SC Switch)

UAD Plugins

Antares Autotune

Waves Plugins


Plugin Alliance


iZotope RX Suite

2 x Universal Apollo 16s with Quad Processing (32 x 32 Analog IO with Low Latency Monitoring)

Pro Tools

Logic Pro

Ableton Live


KEF Carlton Soffit Mounted in the wall

PMC TB2 With Active PMC Sub-Woofer

Yamaha NS10

(All of the above are powered by custom built, MOS-FET amplifiers. Built in house)

Genelec 8030a (Available on request)

Beyerdynamic DT770 & DT100 Headphones

Drum Kits

Vintage 71 Rogers

Vintage 80’s, Japanese made Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

Yamaha Birch Custom

Ludwig 402 Snare 

KD Custom Snare

Range of Percussion available


Early 70’s MK I Fender Rhodes

Early 70’s Wurlitzer EP200

Upright Piano


PRS SE Custom

Fender Precision Bass

Fender Acoustic Guitar



Don't just take our word for it


Recording: £35 per hour (Minimum booking 3 hours)

Recording Day*:

8 Hours £260

10 Hours £300

Dry Hire: Starting from £200**

* Contact us for a quote on multi-day sessions.
**Get in touch for dry hire quotes and T’s & C’s.

Discover Rehearsing at Basement Studio

We offer two rooms for rehearsal space, both of which are in high demand.

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